Worldwide Open Letter From M1 Music Channel (Ukraine)

22 марта 2022 admin

Dear colleagues,

Since 2001 at M1 music channel we did our best to promote top-level pop stars from the whole world in Ukraine. We were not just music channel — we promoted bright lifestyle, personal freedom, overall prosperity — all the values that are present in every sound, every frame of music videos. We were the channel, where since the times of George Michael’s ‘Freeek!’ world premiere back in 2002 through Britney Spears, Eminem, Robbie Williams, Madonna, Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett and till Dua Lipa’s and Jennifer Lopez & Maluma latest performances — Ukrainian viewers were at the edge of modern music, with perfect sound and stunning picture.

At the same time, we were the channel, which main goal was making local a king; supporting young and professional musicians was our everyday care, giving place for first steps to Tina Karol, Jamala and Brunettes Shoot Blondes, and screening first videos directed by Tanu Muiño were our pleasure and pride. And all was built on strict adherence to the copyright law and international agreements with major world recording labels.

We were successful with our advertising model of financing, broadcasting free-to-air and using every mean of signal delivery — terrestrial, satellite, basic cable, IPTV, and we were able and happy to launch several really huge projects like M1 Music Awards, Charitable youth and children pop-music contests, we even hosted a K-pop festival in Kyiv, Ukraine, far in advance B.T.S. became world stars. We were a part of a team that organized and promoted visits of Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney to Ukraine, met tens of world stars in Kyiv…

Everything suspended on February 24, when we woke up not with Spotify alarm at 7 am but at 5:00 am from dozen of explosions of Russian bombs and missiles in Kyiv suburbs. And everything can stop since advertising market is at zero, music is not in a top ten priority, and we live not from one premiere to another, but from one air ride siren to another.

We will be reborn someday, and again we will use Spotify — or what it will be in vogue in the future — to wake up. But to survive we need your help NOW.

For donations in USD: IBAN: UA40 3808 0500 0000 0026 0045 19517
For donations in EUR: IBAN: UA63 3808 0500 0000 0026 0035 19518